Traffic court handles five kinds of traffic tickets. First and foremost, it deals with auto tickets: infractions with speeding, running red lights, etc. Then it handles DUIs, followed by traffic tickets for accidents. What you may not know is that traffic court also handles tickets for cyclists and pedestrians who have broken the law. If you have any of these tickets, you might be wondering who to contact when you want traffic ticket help.

DUIs Need a DUI Lawyer

If you have a DUI ticket, you need a DUI lawyer. These lawyers specialize in the laws surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol while driving. In the event that a person found at the scene of an accident receives a DUI, the DUI takes precedence over everything but vehicular homicide and manslaughter. If this applies to you, then this is the traffic lawyer you need.

Vehicle Infractions

You do not really need a lawyer for this type of infraction, especially since your ticket is likely to cost you far less than a lawyer's retainer. However, you can seek free legal counsel if your ticket exceeds an amount you are able to pay. Then the lawyer will provide you with instruction on what to ask the judge for, and then you may get your ticket amount reduced.

Traffic Tickets for Accidents

As long as your accident did not involve drugs, alcohol, or fatalities, you can argue your ticket. Sometimes the officers that arrive on the scene will interpret the scene in very different ways. You can hire a general attorney to assess the police reports and statements and determine if the scene was misinterpreted. If it seems like you were not at fault for the accident, but your ticket says otherwise, the attorney may be able to get the ticket thrown out or argued down to a lesser amount.

Traffic Tickets for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Bicyclists are expected to use proper hand signals and ride in the cycling lane. When they do not, they can receive a ticket. Under certain circumstances, you could argue that your ticket was invalid, but only if you can get a witness or video showing that the ticket was written in error. If you cannot get a witness, then you may need a general practice lawyer who can subpoena the video taken by street cameras to prove your case. The same holds true for pedestrians, who may be ticketed for jaywalking or causing an accident by standing in the road. You have to prove extenuating circumstances or disprove the statements made by the officer who wrote you the ticket.

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