Changes to child custody are quite common. What once worked for your child may not work anymore. You may find that there are situations where changing the custody schedule is not only preferred but also important. These are some of the situations in which you should consider requesting a custody hearing for a change.

Stability Has Changed

Stability can be changed in a lot of ways. One parent might be drinking alcohol or using drugs, for example. Regardless of the situation, the child might not be safe in the home, and you might have to step in and make sure your child is in a stable, safe home.

Education Isn't a Priority

It's scary to learn that your child's other parent is not placing a priority on their education. The child might have missed days at school or is not doing their homework, and you might believe you are the more suitable parent in this situation.

A New Party Has Moved In

One parent might have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or roommate move into the family home. This can disrupt a child's peace and impact their best interest. The court may decide that the child should not be in the home with this other person full-time.

One Parent Is Denying Custody

Sometimes one parent keeps the child from the other parent, even if a custody order is in place. The courts do not look on these situations favorably and could make sure this parent doesn't have the ability to deny custody to another parent.

The Child's Wishes Have Changed

Sometimes a child simply wants to move. They might get along with one parent more than the other, or perhaps one parent lives somewhere undesirable to the child.

Child Care Is Used Often

Some people decide that they are unhappy with the way in which child custody is used. For example, the child's other parent might have got a new job that requires the child to be watched by a babysitter for 40 hours a week, while you only work part-time and can have the child more often.

Meet With a Child Custody Attorney

A child custody attorney can help you fight your battles. They not only tell you when you have a solid case, but they also help you understand what you need to do to improve your chances of getting an outcome in your favor. Meet with a child custody attorney today to establish your case.