A car accident can range from mildly frustrating to catastrophic. No matter the nature of your accident, chances are you will make a claim for your damages. However, your claim may be denied even if you believe otherwise. Thankfully, there are processes you can use to ultimately win your claim. Here is what you need to know if your car accident claim was denied:

How Does a Car Accident Claim Get Denied?

There are a variety of ways a car accident insurance claim can be denied. Some denials are strictly due to the timeframe in which you made your claim. If you waited too long after your accident, an insurance provider may automatically deem it invalid and deny it. The driver of the vehicle may have something to do with your denial. If your car is involved in an accident but someone else was driving who is not on your policy, your claim may be denied. Driving with a suspended license may also cause a claim to be denied. If you were drinking or under the influence of drugs or if you were driving at a dangerously high speed, an insurance carrier may deny your claim. Your insurance provider may even cancel your policy altogether.

Your insurance carrier may also deny a claim if there is a chance another driver caused your accident. Insurance will instead urge you to file a claim with that driver's insurance policy to recover your damages.

If your car accident claim is denied for any reason by an insurance carrier, you need to speak to an attorney to take the next step. Your attorney will carefully go through the details of your insurance policy to see what, if any, provisions exist that will help you receive compensation for your car accident damages.

How Do You Win Your Claim?

If your initial car accident claim is denied, you can appeal the decision. An attorney is the best person to help you with this process. Your attorney will look at the facts of your accident and file an appeal with your insurance company. There may be new or unknown information your attorney can uncover to help prove you should be compensated for your accident. If the insurance company denies you a second time, your next step is to file a lawsuit. You can sue an insurance company for your damages if your attorney believes you have a strong case. In addition, you can also sue the other driver if they caused your accident.

Talk to a car accident lawyer for more information.