Coal mining is an important source of income for many American families. While coal mining is a significant sector for various reasons, it is also one of the most dangerous working environments. Thus, employers must take reasonable precautions to protect employees from harm or injury. Coal miners often sustain severe injuries and health complications after a long period of continuous and repeated exposure. Employees should receive adequate protective gear, safe functioning equipment, and proper training on safety protocols. Typically, employees that sustain injuries and health complications from mining receive workers' compensation from their employer's insurer. However, workers' compensation is often inadequate and does not cover all damages. Thus, coal miners that sustain work-related injuries should consult a coal miner attorney to pursue a personal injury claim on their behalf. Below are a few advantages of retaining a coal miner attorney:

Determining Liability

As mentioned, coal miners should receive workers' compensation from their employers after sustaining injuries. However, in most cases, a coal miner attorney must determine the liable parties before determining the best party to sue. Employees can bring lawsuits against third parties that are at fault and directly or indirectly contributed to the employee's injuries. For instance, the coal miner attorney can pursue an equipment manufacturer whose product liability contributed to the employee's injury. The coal miner attorney also reviews past cases to see if similar events have happened before and whether that may establish the liable party. Thus, coal miners that sustain injuries from mining accidents should consult a coal miner attorney for proper representation.

Developing an Airtight Case

Coal miner attorneys must ensure they build a water-tight case to improve the chances of receiving fair compensatory awards during negotiations or at trial. Building a case requires collecting as many relevant facts from the complainant as possible then connecting that to evidence that can be used in court. The coal miner attorney collects evidence demonstrating negligence, such as overworking miners, poor working conditions, poor or lack of proper training, and product liability. Coal miner attorneys know how to build successful cases based on experience, thus offering claimants a better chance of success.

Negotiating Compensation for the Sustained Injuries

Usually, most personal injury claims are solved in negotiated settlements rather than in court. However, coal miner attorneys always prepare for any eventuality. Negotiating compensation requires a skilled attorney who can connect a complainant's injuries to their demands. Employees seeking compensation must justify the amount of compensation sought. Thus, hiring an experienced coal miner attorney allows employees to justify their compensation demands for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress.