Did you go into an urgent care or emergency medical facility because you needed treatment for an infection, and you were sent away without the treatment you needed? Then you ended up in the hospital needing emergency treatment for the infection? If so, you are among the 12 million people that suffer annually from medical misdiagnosis.

If your symptoms indicated that you had a bad infection, and you weren't given any antibiotic or proper treatment and you were sent away, and ended up hospitalized, you need a lawyer.

There are medical malpractice lawyers that are experienced and trained to deal with cases just like this. Here are some of the things that you want to have for the lawyers to go through and use.

Urgent Care Paperwork and Report

If you don't have the information from the urgent care, stop in and get a printout report of your visit. This allows you to see the exact diagnosis that you were given and any other information about the appointment. This should include details like:

  • Reason for visit
  • Symptoms
  • Vitals
  • Tests
  • Diagnosis

Details that show you had things like a fever, elevated heart rate or blood pressure, pain, and other signs of an infection are evidence for your case. This shows that your body was showing signs of an obvious infection.

Hospitalization Information

The lawyer will then look at all the information related to the case when you had to check into the hospital for emergency treatment. This will be your vitals, and how severe the infection was.

How long you had to be in the hospital, the intravenous medications you needed, and how severe your case was will all be at the forefront of the case. Not just the physical toll that this took on your body, but also the anxiety and stress that it caused.

Settlement Coverage

There are a lot of costs and things that you deserve compensation for after physical and mental trauma like this. You want expenses covered for:

  • The urgent care visit you didn't get proper medical care from
  • All hospital bills and expenses related to the infection
  • Wages you didn't collect because of missed days at work
  • Mental anguish

Anything that was an inconvenience in your life because of this infection, you deserve to be compensated for.

The medical malpractice lawyer may need statements from physicians and other medical professionals for the case. Talk with a couple of professionals and choose the best fit for your case. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get financial relief. 

For more info, contact a local medical malpractice lawyer