If you own a business, and someone recently claimed to have fallen down on your property, but you are sure they are pretending they are injured to collect compensation, you will want to take steps to prove their allegations are false. Some people try to falsify injury claims in an attempt to gain money due to the business' negligence. If you are not negligent in any way, an attorney can help prove the perpetrator is making a fraudulent claim. Here are some steps you can take to help prove your innocence in this scenario.

Gather Documented Evidence To Prove Innocence

Have documentation available for analysis pertaining to the condition of the flooring or grounds where the fall had supposedly taken place. If you have done recent maintenance to the area, any proof of this will help show the person had fallen due to their own clumsiness rather than due to an uneven stepping area or spill on the surface that you had been aware about. Take pictures of the area to show there are no slopes in the ground, material on a floor, or other obstructions in the way that may have caused someone to become injured.

Find Any Witnesses To Help Build A Case

Anyone who had been in the area when the incident had occurred is a potential witness. Find out who was in or near your business around the time of the fall to find out if they had seen any suspicious behavior that may help prove you are not to blame. If there was surveillance footage from cameras on your or a neighboring property, it may show something out of line to help prove you did not cause the injury to occur. This footage can help you find witnesses as well. If there are license plate numbers or images of people you recognize on the footage, track down these people to help build your case.

Have The Person Watched For Inaccuracies

Hiring a private investigator is one way to help you prove the person is not as injured as they claim. While they may have medical documentation to back up their injury, they could have very well pretended to be in pain in an attempt to sabotage your business. Have the investigator follow the person to see if they engage in activities they would not be able to take part in with the type of injury they claim to have. If they are seen going against their doctor's orders, they will be doubted in a court of law, possibly leaning the case in your favor as a result.

For more information, contact a personal injury attorney.